John Bowlby


Body and attachment 


Saturday, 30th November 

Workshop: 10:00 - 13:00

Workshop Leader: Nicola Diamond


In this seminar I am going to look at the relation between the body and attachment , look at developments in the attachment field and it's implications for therapy. I will give my take on the upsurge of neuroscience in attachment thinking and will in this context refer to my take which i started to address in my book Between Skins 2013.

Dr Nicola Diamond is a Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies, University of East London, and teaches at the Tavistock Clinic. She is also a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist  (BPC reg).

She runs a private practice. Previously worked as a psychotherapist for The Helen Bamber Foundation (for survivors of torture and trauma) and at the Women's Therapy Centre in London. She is the author of Between Skins: The Body in Psychoanalysis -Contemporary Developments; Wiley &Sons (2013) and co-author of Attachment and Intersubjectivity with Mario Marrone; Whurrs publisher (2003). Recent journal and chapter publications include,' Between Bodies: Working on the Liminal Zone with Traumatised clients '( co-authored with P,Valerio) and 'A case of Mistaken Identity: Countertransference and Multiple Dissociation' ( co-authored with M.Marrone) in book Introduction to countertransference < A myriad of mirrors'  Ed Valerio,P .Routledge, Taylor&Francis (2018)    'Exploring Some Vicissitudes of Feminine Sexuality' in Free Associations  (2013), The Body and Film: Estranged Body States – A Case of das Unheimlich, Journal of Psychosocial Studies(2013), 'Between the Body and Social Trauma: Working with the Aftermath of Torture' in the book, Emotion:Psychosocial Perspectives, Eds: Sclater & Jones atal Palgrave(2009); 'Between Touches' in Dialogues on Touch in the Psychoanalytic Space,Ed: Galton Karnac, (2007), 'When Thought is not Enough' in book How Does Therapy work, Karnac, Ed: Ryan(2005) and 'Attachment Trauma and the Body' in  Attachment theory and the psychoanalytic Process, EdsCortina &MarroneWhurr (2002)


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Venue: I Fairbridge Road, London N19 3 EW

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