John Bowlby


Interfamily Therapy

A multifamily approach in mental health,

educational and social context


Saturday, 23rd February 

Workshop: 10:00 - 17:00

Speakers: Javier Sampere & Claudio Fuenzalida

Interfamily Therapy is a modern tool of therapeutic intervention scientifically validated and which is placed half-way between psychotherapy and social intervention. It brings together the most useful aspects of techniques, settings and ways of intervention of current models such as Attachment Theory and Open Dialogue Practices It is applicable not only in mental health contexts but in the approach of any human problem and in any type of institution.

It is a model that does not underestimate nor exclude other therapeutic practices that could be applied and it is not exclusive for any professional collective in a way that psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, social workers, occupational therapists, pedagogues and other professional groups can make use of it in their daily work.

Besides, it is a simple, practical and human treatment which implies a more social, ecological and democratic way of understanding and of acting on the problems of human beings and which could be expanded as a universal model of sanitary assistance thanks to its efficiency and low cost.


Professionals who are willing to develop a therapeutic, educative and/or social work with multifamily groups: psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, social workers, social-educative workers, nurses, teachers, occupational therapists, etc.


This training will have a theoretical and practical approach. We will introduce the basic theoretical knowledge of the different multifamily models and specifically in Interfamily Therapy model through PowerPoint and selected bibliography. An active participation of the trainees in group dynamics will be encouraged as well as in a group supervision of audio-visual material related to the content.


  1. Basis on mental health and its application in Multifamily Therapy.
  2. Focus in Interfamily Therapy as a specific model of Multifamily Therapy.
  3. Theoretical grounds and methodology of Interfamily Therapy based in Attachment theory and dialogical practices.
  4. Application of Interfamily interventions in different contexts.

Javier Sempere. Psychiatrist. Group, family and multifamily therapist. Teacher supervisor. Director of Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI) in Elche, Spain.

Claudio Fuenzalida. Psychologist. Teacher supervisor in Multifamily Therapy. Assistance Coordinator of Interfamily Therapy Center (CTI) in Elche, Spain.


Please note there will be 45min lunch break and 2 short 15min coffee breaks. 

IAN and AGIP/AppT £50 ; Non-members  £80

Contact Monika by email on: or by phone n 07940 060 700 for bookings and information.

Venue: I Fairbridge Road, London N19 3 EW

CPD Certificates are provided. 

Registration will be necessary as places are limited.




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