John Bowlby


Vital Development

Body exploration, awareness and expression of emotions

Saturday, 6th May 

Workshop and Talk: 15:15  - 17:15

Leader:  Marcelo Di Matteo


  • Brief Introductory talk by Dr Nicola Diamond and Marcelo Di Matteo
  • Vital Development workshop
  • Brief closure talk

I will be looking at the relation between vital Development -attachment and the body. I will consider affect regulation, the relation between positive affective states and reorganising internal working models. How the use of movement can mobilise procedural memory and can touch the parts that the 'talking cure' fails to reach. It has been increasingly recognised in recent developments in attachment and neurobiology that right brain processing and embodied experience has to be reworked for therapeutic change to take place, how thought and reflection on its own is simply not enough.

An issue, I wish to raise, is the challenge faced when working with traumatised patients, who may have a very uncomfortable relation with their body and have great difficulty accessing positive affective attachment experiences. In what ways may this alter the way we work with the body, when positive attachment experiences cannot be readily accessed and engaged with?
I will also place importance on a reflective dialogue accompanying a body based workshop.        

Dr Nicola Diamond, PhD, BPC reg

General aims of the Vital Development workshop:

  • Kinaesthetic exploration of our body;
  • Deconstruction of the body code;
  • Perception of limits and creation of a new proxemic in body communication;
  • Use of the Psychology of the Flow (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) in movement;
  • An approach to the perception of love and human connection through movement;
  • A proposal to experience the “secure base” in the here and now.

 General requirements:

  • Use of comfortable clothes to move with some freedom.
  • Barefoot is recommended but light dance shoes or soft socks with non-slip soles are also welcomed.
  • Please avoid the use of big watches, rings or jewels.


    IAN Members £15, Non Members £25

    For further information and to book please contact Monika at

    or call 07940 060700








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