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Psychoanalysis and attachment theory

Monday, 3rd July 2017

Workshop: 19:00 - 21:00

Convenor: Roxana Parra


Mauricio Cortina (United States) Director, Attachment and Human Development Center, Washington School of Psychiatry. Honorary member of IAN UK.

Nicola Diamond (UK) British Psychotherapy Foundation, University of East London and IAN UK.

Christian Herreman (Mexico) Mexican Psychoanalytic Society and IAN Mexico

Mario Marrone (UK and Spain) British Psychoanalytic Society and IAN UK.

This will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge about attachment theory as a psychoanalytic paradigm and its clinical applications. There will be ample room for group discussions.

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Theoretical and experiential conference

Attachment and the body

Saturday, 8th July 2017 
Workshop: 14:00 - 20:00
Convenor: Roxana Parra 


Nicola Diamond (UK) British Psychotherapy Foundation, University of East London and IAN UK.

Carolina Frontini (UK) Vivekananda Yoga Therapy and Research Foundation and IAN.

Christian Herremann (Mexico) Mexican Psychoanalytic Society and IAN Mexico

Mario Marrone (UK and Spain) British Psychoanalytic Society and IAN UK.

Patricia Martello and Marcelo Di Mateo (UK) Vital Development and IAN UK

Vital Development

Body exploration, awareness and expression of emotions

Saturday, 6th May 

Workshop and Talk: 15:15  - 17:15

Leader:  Marcelo Di Matteo


  • Brief Introductory talk by Dr Nicola Diamond and Marcelo Di Matteo
  • Vital Development workshop
  • Brief closure talk

I will be looking at the relation between vital Development -attachment and the body. I will consider affect regulation, the relation between positive affective states and reorganising internal working models. How the use of movement can mobilise procedural memory and can touch the parts that the 'talking cure' fails to reach. It has been increasingly recognised in recent developments in attachment and neurobiology that right brain processing and embodied experience has to be reworked for therapeutic change to take place, how thought and reflection on its own is simply not enough.

An issue, I wish to raise, is the challenge faced when working with traumatised patients, who may have a very uncomfortable relation with their body and have great difficulty accessing positive affective attachment experiences. In what ways may this alter the way we work with the body, when positive attachment experiences cannot be readily accessed and engaged with?
I will also place importance on a reflective dialogue accompanying a body based workshop.        

Dr Nicola Diamond, PhD, BPC reg

Large Group Experience

Saturday, 24th June 2017

Workshop: 14:15 - 17:30

Leader: Desmond King

This group meeting will follow Mauricio Cortina´s presentation at IAN on “The relation between attachment, cooperation and intersubjectivity”.

Following our successful large group experience held on 4th February, 2017, we are convening this meeting. We aim at having some participants from other countries, making the event an international gathering. Attendance will be free but donations to cover costs will be welcome. Registration is necessary as places are limited: or call + 44 7940 060 700

Lunch will be provided at 1:00 pm at the cost of £15.00.

This meeting will be held one week before the start of IAN and SEAS International Attachment Conference. Some colleagues from abroad may want to attend both events and have some holidays in England in between. This meeting will also be of interest for colleagues who want to become active in IAN UK and expand its activities.

The relation between attachment, cooperation and intersubjectivity.

Saturday, 24th June 2017

Workshop: 10:00 - 13:00 

Speaker: Mauricio Cortina

Implications for developmental psychology and clinical practice.

Intersubjective communication and sharing emerged as a new capacity among our hominid ancestors, forced by the need to cooperate during the history of our species. Selective forces favoring intersubjective communication (before language) and being able to “read” the minds of others (mentalization/ perspective taking abilities). A positive feedback loop began to operate between cooperative foraging among nomadic hunter gatherers, intersubjective communication and cooperative breeding — in which mothers let other members of the group help in feeding and caring for the young (the work of Sarah Hardy).

International Attachment Conference

SEAS and IAN are jointly sponsoring the 8th International Attachment Conference at London's Institute of Education from June 29th to July 1st 2017, Putting Attachment Theory to Work; from Basic Science to Clinical Application

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