Attachment Theory and its applications in clinical and interdisciplinary contexts

Training Course in Spanish

The course is accredited by the International Attachment Network (IAN UK) and it will be held in Madrid, Spain.

Course structure:

10 theoretical-experiential modules and group discussions delivered by teachers from the United Kingdom and Spain.


2 years (each year can be independently taken and accredited)

120-hour weekend course


1st year starts in October 2017 and ends July 2018




Calle de Montesa N°35. Madrid, Spain. ADI - Atención al Desarrollo Integral

Application requirements:

accredited professionals from the health, education or social services fields


1.900€ for the first year of study 2017/18 (2018/19 fee to be confirmed)

Enrollment fee:


Course coordination team

Consultant: Dr. Mario Marrone, psychiatrist

Academic Director: Dr. Diego Figuera Álvarez, psychiatrist

Executive Director: Dr. Marcela Giraldo, doctor-psychotherapist

Executive Team Member IAN UK: Carolina Frontini, psychologist

For further information and to book please contact us at

Course flyer - Spanish

Folleto Curso TA Madrid Flyer

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